Fresh Seafood

Gregory's Seafood Market & Restaurant

All dinners served with a cup of Manhattan Chowder or Salad, Freedom Fries or Rice (mashed or baked potato after 3pm) Coleslaw, Applesauce or Vegetable, Dinner Rolls and Butter.

 Plate Share Charge - $2.00

​Some prices may change without notice due to availability.

Steamed Lobster

 Maine Hard Shell Lobsters   

Captain's Twin Lobster Tails

 Two 6oz tails with drawn butter

Alaskan King Crab

 Jumbo legs and claws, split and baked

Captain's Softies

 2 Soft Shell Crabs (when available) fried or sauteed 

Captain's Fried Oysters

 ​Bountiful bunch of Fried Oysters 

Captain's Combos

​Captain's Favorite #1

 Jumbo Shrimp, Sweet Sea Scallops and Flounder Fillet (fried or broiled)      22.99

Captain's Favorite #2

 Jumbo Shrimp, Sweet Sea Scallops, Flounder Fillet, Clam Strips & a Crab Cake (fried only)    25.99

                                           ​Add a 4oz Lobster Tail to any dinner for an additional $11.00

Surf and Turf

 Filet Mignon with a 6oz Lobster Tail    39.99

Shrimp and Scallop Combo

 Jumbo Shrimp and Sweet Sea Scallops (fried or broiled)     23.99

Al's Combo (when available)

 Sweet and Plump Oysters and Whole Belly Clams (fried only)    ​Market Price

Sized and Priced Accordingly

​     Mariner's Market Fare